Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Focus: U.S.
Why we are here

In addition to maintaining and growing our international ventures, Anatta is actively working on broadening our project base domestically, in the United States.

In our international venues, Anatta's projects endeavor to engage the local community, or organization receiving services, in establishing sustainability in order to maintain and enhance the gains made through our humanitarian efforts. In our domestic projects, Anatta similarly hopes to promote the ability to optimize quality of life for those we serve and assist.

Our current projects rely heavily on the skills and knowledge base we bring to our professional lives (see bios section). Conni and Jeri continue to offer stress-reduction, biofeedback, neurofeedback, Irlen, communication and learning skills services without financial compensation when such services are otherwise unavailable to the recipient. We have found that utilizing our respective skills and backgrounds in flexible and integrative ways leads to more efficient and novel problem-solving.

It simply seems appropriate to use the education we received in this country to work toward positive change for our collective good. We strongly believe that the ability and willingness to put compassion into action, combined with a sustained and selfless effort allows relevant change to occur in meaningful steps.

As with all our endeavors, projects are selected through direct local contact only, in instances where funding is not otherwise obtainable, or the skills we offer are not available.

Follow our progress as we build partnerships and build on a unique set of exciting projects.