Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Focus: Peru
Rayito De Sol (El Jardin)

Rayito de Sol is a local Kindergarten in Puerto Maldonado serving over 300 children from impoverished circumstances. It is a brightly decorated facility with dedicated teachers and staff. On our initial Anatta visit to Peru, this little school was on our list of most needy and deserving places for site visit.

Upon our arrival, the entire community including parents, teachers and children had gathered to welcome us and provide a tour of the facilities. In view of our limited resources and the dire need in many other locations, Rayito was not placed high enough on our list of projects to receive any assistance. On later hearing of our decision, the community did not voice any discontent, rather thanked us for our visit and interest.

This kindergarten is primarily supported by the community it serves. Anatta provided education supplies and discussed future projects.

This kitchen serves 300 children their main meal of the day. For $3,000, we can build a clean modern facility.

Long after that trip, though, we often thought of those ramshackle buildings. The kitchen, in particular, was memorable. The small room consisted of dirt flooring, an old table serving as countertop, and a huge old pot resting over a hole in the ground in which a fire was built. This facility provides meals for over 300 children daily. For many, this is their most substantial meal.

On our second visit, we donated what we could of the limited educational supplies we had brought, but once again, had to postpone further assistance. At our request, the grateful teacher representatives presented us with a proposal detailing the specifics for the construction of a proper kitchen. Next time, we hope to have enough extra resources to begin this project.