Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Focus: Peru
Colegio Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald

Colegio Fitzcarrald is the local school for middle and high school students in the town of Puerto Maldonado. The majority of the Fitzcarrald students come from rural communities, slums, or are natives. Almost 90% of the families are low income and have a low level of education. The school offers different areas of study, preparing the students for jobs in industry, technical service and science, or computer science.

We have, to date made several visits to this school, including the Anatta trips in November 2006 and June 2007. Presented with numerous proposals, Anatta carefully considered the options and donated educational supplies, microscopes, a laptop computer, and a multimedia projector over the course of six months.

Additionally, Anatta's team on the 2007 trip included Nathan Davies, a professional soccer coach who volunteered to run soccer training clinics with the Fitzcarrald children during our visit.

During each visit, the entire school including staff, students, and members of the community gathered to welcome Anatta with great fanfare and appreciation.

In between visits, local Anatta personnel are in ongoing communication with school officials to determine ongoing need and to assure that supplies are in use by faculty and students.