Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Focus: Peru
Bello Horizonte

The community of Bello Horizonte is a small indigenous community of less than 100 people located deep in the Amazon jungle outside the town of Puerto Maldonado. In our 2006 visit we were invited through local connections as guests of the community, a privilege not offered to most foreigners by these private people. Anatta was prepared to conduct research on the potential for health care and education projects, but soon realized the needs were much more basic.

The community submitted a detailed proposal for the building and installation of sanitary toilets and a shower for the 32 school children in the community. We visited the area with the community leaders, and agreed on the plan and amount necessary to build the facilities.

This project began in November of 2006 and was completed by June 2007. Over the course of six months the community received monetary installments to complete the project. After the initial work was completed and approved by Anatta's local ground crew, the community was given another installment to complete the construction. Throughout the process, photographs documented the progress. We returned six months later to visit the completed facilities and celebrate the success.