Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Anatta is
Cornelia Santschi
Founder, President and Director
Deborah McMillon
Peter Conway

Outreach Committee
Geeta Trikha
Nathan Davies
Marc Gaston
Judith Gaston
Hillary Wehrle
Gabriela Rowland
Cindi Cooper

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Edward Ntim-Addae
Andrea Iorizzo
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Ben LaVigne
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Anatta Member Background
Judith Gaston
Outreach Committee

Judith A. Gaston has been teaching in NJ for 23 years. She holds both an Elementary and ESL certificate and is presently a technology teacher in Irvington, New Jersey. She is a graduate of SUNY-Stony Brook University. In addition to her interest in educating children, she has devoted some of her time and resources to a variety of non-profit organizations hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.

Judith has donated her time and educator's skills to learning the technique of Irlen Vision Screening to assist Anatta in offering this service to children in local urban areas in an ongoing effort to improve early reading skills.