Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Anatta is
Cornelia Santschi
Founder, President and Director
Deborah McMillon
Peter Conway

Outreach Committee
Geeta Trikha
Nathan Davies
Marc Gaston
Judith Gaston
Hillary Wehrle
Gabriela Rowland
Cindi Cooper

Support Staff
Edward Ntim-Addae
Andrea Iorizzo
Logo/Identity Design
Ben LaVigne
Technical Advisor
Anatta Member Background
Geeta Trikha
Outreach Committee

Geeta Trikha has been working in the Health Care field for over ten years in a variety of capacities. Currently her work focuses on educating and empowering women and their families in achieving energetic, vibrant, healthy, and happy lives through her work as a Doula (supporting women during child birth) and as a Nutrition and Life-style Coach.

Geeta has donated time, medical supplies, meeting space, nutrition expertise, and her joyful energy to Anatta in so many ways. Her multicultural background, genuine ease and willingness to care for others made her a valuable asset on Anatta's second Peru trip.