Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Anatta is
Cornelia Santschi
Founder, President and Director
Deborah McMillon
Peter Conway

Outreach Committee
Geeta Trikha
Nathan Davies
Marc Gaston
Judith Gaston
Hillary Wehrle
Gabriela Rowland
Cindi Cooper

Support Staff
Edward Ntim-Addae
Andrea Iorizzo
Logo/Identity Design
Ben LaVigne
Technical Advisor
Anatta Member Background
Diana Polack

Diana Polack has spent the last 20 years at the helm of ArtWare Fundraising, a company that helps schools, non-profits, churches and synagogues raise money thru the arts. Her company has recently embarked on global projects and is thrilled that her efforts are now being felt internationally.

Diana is very active with B.I.G. - an advocacy, educational and networking group for women in transition. One of her roles is as facilitor of the Montclair Chapter. She and her husband, Peter Conway, raised Nell and Pierce in Montclair NJ and are now enjoying the freedom of being empty nesters. Travelling, long walks on the beach, and time with her friends and family are what she cherishes most.