Anatta - World Health & Education Outreach
Anatta is
Cornelia Santschi
Founder, President and Director
Deborah McMillon
Peter Conway

Outreach Committee
Geeta Trikha
Nathan Davies
Marc Gaston
Judith Gaston
Hillary Wehrle
Gabriela Rowland
Cindi Cooper

Support Staff
Edward Ntim-Addae
Andrea Iorizzo
Logo/Identity Design
Ben LaVigne
Technical Advisor
Anatta Member Background
Deborah McMillon

Deborah has a born instinct to help others. For over 30 years, she has worked to develop, implement and troubleshoot procedures in PC based training development and delivery systems. She is a seasoned traveler who has always enjoyed experiencing different cultures. Now as the treasurer of Anatta, Deborah views the trips with Anatta and the projects in a different light. She enjoys being part of a small grass roots organization where she feels like her time and talents are used and appreciated to their fullest.

After her first traveling experience with Anatta to Thailand, Deborah feels like her eyes were opened to both the tragedies and the wonders in the world. Having seen the need, she now helps in a very direct way. Her organizational skills and logical approach to problem solving make her a huge asset to Anatta.