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Dr. Cornelia Santschi
Founder, President, and Director

Anatta World Health and Education Outreach was established by director Dr. Cornelia Santschi, as a natural outgrowth of her personal humanitarian projects.

Conni received her PhD degree in neuropsychology from City University of New York. She developed the Neuropsychology program at the Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center from its very beginnings in 1997 into its current form as part of the largest specialized epilepsy institute in New Jersey. She incorporates diagnostic testing and high tech brain mapping as well as mindfulness based stress reduction and neurofeedback as part of her services for adults and children with neurological concerns. She is a skilled and caring professional, a published researcher, and an integral part of a multidisciplinary team. As a person, she is highly spiritual, studying Buddhist philosophy, meditation and yoga. These disciplines have also contributed to the devotion she shows to her friends, colleagues, and patients.

In addition to her demanding career, Conni is extremely dedicated to worldwide humanitarian efforts. For many years she has volunteered her services on many levels to the Triple Gem Society, a small but highly productive non-profit organization. When the Tsunami so devastated parts of Asia, this little organization went into full action, making dramatic progress in Sri Lanka where larger organizations could not. Conni virtually single-handedly took on the responsibility of organizing the large scale of donations to Triple Gem here in the States, to ensure that relief efforts could be orchestrated rapidly on location. She managed to convince her medical center to donate $10,000.00 to Triple Gem to assist in building new homes for tsunami victims. In addition she has located, purchased, and donated medical equipment to Triple Gem which has benefited hospitals in places like Kenya, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

In her free time, Conni loves adventure travel. She holds Swiss and American citizenship and speaks multiple languages. She has been trekking, scuba diving and snowboarding in many interesting countries all over the world. Over the past year her desire to combine her travels with humanitarian efforts resulted in personal donations of medical equipment in several underdeveloped countries including Thailand, Laos, Peru and Nepal. As the opportunities for her services continued to emerge, and the scope of the projects grew, the need to form a non-profit organization became apparent.